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All my life (until now) I had been under the impression that terror had no religion and that terrorists are blind and they do what they have been brainwashed for - gory tasks by their leaders; religion of birth or faith does not matter. But today, I know that both terrorists and their sympathizers have the same religion! They are so blind to this ‘adopted religion’ of theirs that even the verdict/decision by the Supreme Court appears incorrect and biased to them.

What would you say about the people who mourn over a terrorist's legal execution after decades of litigation and upon India’s apex court’s well considered verdict? Aren't they supporting terrorism (and thereby perhaps making future terrorists)? Yakub Memon was hanged for his terrorist activities (read Mumbai serial bomb blasts in 1993) killing over 250 innocent people of the country. Quite shockingly, both his so-called sympathisers as well as supporters are beating their chests as if he deserves the "Param Veer Chakra.” One won’t be surprised if the same people would start demanding a memorial park for him in the near future.

We have recently lost one of our most accomplished, endeared and humanitarian Presidents Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. He served our country dedicatedly and had been an exemplary figure of excellence and patriotism whom people of every religion in India hold in reverence.  Popularly known as Indian ‘missile man’ who is no longer among us but what he gave to his country will forever remain his legacy and be an example for generations to come on the Indian soil. Sadly, one did not hear people of any religion mourn much over his passing away (maybe, the media didn't consider it as a loss at all).

I am further amazed at our media that they didn’t have much to show about Dr. Kalam (who led a highly inspirational life), while they had a minute-by-minute update of the execution of a hardened terrorist. Details about whether Memon had breakfast or not, if he slept night long or not, whether he asked for something or not...and so on. Why should a demonic person be given so much importance for such an inhuman act in the media, whereas, a highly loved President of India was not even shown getting tributes? The logic of the media simply fails my mind.


Even if one considers the demand for forgiveness on humanitarian grounds, the larger issue is whether the accused for gallows had shown any repentance or done humanitarian work as penance? More importantly, we need to ponder whether the people that are killed in the terrorist acts are not humans or are they animals or aliens? Do we care about their families? Did not the terrorists targets deserve to live on this earth on humanitarian grounds?


Thus, for me terrorism is definitely a religion and it’s a religion of SHAME that cannot be accepted. People who mourn over Yakub Memon's death (his family may have a right to do so) thereby support terrorism are no less than terrorists themselves. While the media that broadcasted his execution are - TRPists or opportunists and must get their act together responsibly. They are in the blind race for eyeballs. People who sided with Yakub Memon’s clemency plea are plain mean politicians, selfish lawyers and the rest having vested agendas. The nation would do well if it ignores such 'vicarious' elements...

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