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Rajiv Sharma. Editorial. September 11. 2015-American Holocaust


Editorial. Rajiv Sharma. IX. XI. XV 





Rajiv Sharma-fnbworld By Rajiv Sharma



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September 11, 2001 - fourteen years from today (also called 9/11) is a sad day for the world when thousands of innocent people became victims of terror attacks on the US soil. The horrified world took adequate note of this act of terror and joined hands to fight the menace. However, history has witnessed many bigger and more terrible acts of terror that never became a part of public discourse and never aroused the kind of reaction that 9/11 did.  One such extremely horrifying act of terror (read holocaust) was unleashed on the aboriginal population of the US in 1493 and continued unabatedly in some form or the other for over four centuries. Unfortunately, the victims of this terror are still being persecuted in a land that now claims to be a protector of human rights and values on this planet.


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Truism it is that by far the biggest and most horrendous act of terrorism and genocide in the known human history of this planet was perpetrated on the soil of the United States of America. The sordid saga of brutal torture, murder, loot and plunder of aboriginal population continued not for a year, not for a decade but for nearly four centuries. It may not be an exaggeration to state that the very foundation of the present day US was laid on millions of mutilated corpses of American Indians, when nearly 1.2 billion innocent Native Americans were done to death over this period in order to establish the modern day super power.

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The four century long holocaust began in 1493, when Columbus returned with 17 shiploads of his soldiers to create terror in the Eastern American territories. He harboured an evil design to conquer the fertile lands he had discovered a year ago as he hatched a wicked plan to annihilate the entire population of 8 million inhabitants in most gruesome manner.  

Bary Lopez (the award-winning author) summarizes the heart wrenching eyewitness account of a Spanish missionary Las Casas in his book “The rediscovery of North America”. He says, “One day in front of Las Casas the Spanish dismembered and beheaded thousands of them, raped and killed their women. Such inhumanities and barbarianisms were committed in my sight, as no age can parallel. The Spaniards took babies from their mothers’ breasts, grabbing them by their feet and smashing their heads against rocks”. It is said that they built long gibbets low enough for toes to touch the ground to prevent strangulation and hanged them and then roasted them on slow fire. The Spaniards cut the legs of the children who ran from them. They used nursing infants as dog food. It is indeed perplexing that Columbus chose to annihilate the whole race in such brutal way when he very well knew that the simple looking aboriginal population had no weapons nor they knew the art of warfare. Can terror be bigger than this?



The spine chilling  torture and murder of Native Americans did not end with Columbus. Many settlers from other European countries reached there soon to continue from where Columbus had left.  As the European captured various parts of America, their intolerance with indigenous Americans increased exponentially. Since the beginning of the 17th century, the governments of Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersy declared bounties on killing the natives. Historian Ward Churchil wrote in his book ‘A little matter of Genocide’ that killing the aboriginals had became a lucrative business for many Europeans as there was a reward for murdering a native. 

It appears that the US government followed a well considered policy of Genocide in order to terrorize the aboriginals.  It included mass executions, biological warfare, mass poisoning, incarceration, forced removal from home land and making them do work till they died. In reality, the government, army, police, church, corporations, doctors, judges, print media and common settlers were all reported to be involved in the heartless genocide. Writer K. Horn stated in her column in ‘Mohawk Nation News’ on 30 January 2005 that former US president George Washington earned an epithet of ‘village burner’ for his penchant to burn entire villages along with all  inhabitants. He was responsible of killing thousands from New York to Pennsylvania to West Virginia to Ohio, as reported by her. Further, the US Army was made to believe that “it was right and honourable to use any means under God’s heaven to kill them”. Indeed, they adopted all means of terror available to them. The white Americans can receive the dubious distinction of initiating biological warfare for the first time in human history. They distributed the blankets infected with germs of tuberculosis, small pox and measles in American Indian settlements during winters. It proved to be a quite effective weapon as the epidemic thus spread killed en masse without much effort. 

In 1830, the US government promulgated ‘Indian Removal Act’ to remove major tribes of aboriginals from their own homelands. The death and destruction that followed are termed as ‘Trail of Tears’ by the historians.  All this resulted in wiping out of 97.5% of indigenous population from the face of the planet. 

The violence has subsided now but disdain of white Americans towards the aboriginals continues even today. Only the nature and methods of persecution have become more sophisticated. The settlements of Native Americans rate very low on human development index when compared to mainland America. The US commission on civil rights report of September 2004 stated that Native Americans are fast dying of diabetes, tuberculosis, alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide and other health conditions at a surprisingly high rate. It is reported that they have been bundled into small settlements called ‘reservations’ where living conditions are appalling. Their sovereign rights as promised to them have been practically curtailed.


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Ironically, now the US has positioned itself as a protector of human rights and a leader in fight against terrorism. But there is no dearth of analysts in the world who accuse the US of authoring world terrorism. The world knows that the dreaded terror outfit Al Qaeda was a brainchild of the US and the phenomenon of Osama Bin Laden was also their creation. Further, it is now in public  domain that Iraq never possessed chemical and nuclear weapons. These false charges were part of a grand conspiracy of the US and its allies to eliminate Saddam Hussein to control oil fields there. In light of these revelations, will it be unfair to say that since 1493 till this date, some part of the US hand is more or less always visible in spread of terror in the world?

Some conscientious Americans have now been forced to admit the US role in spread of world terrorism. For example, President Obama recently stated that Isis was a creation of the US. Similarly, there have been some recent attempts to seek apology for the unpardonable felonies of white Americans and religious leaders committed on Native Americans. In fact, Pope Francis has recently apologised for such sinful acts committed by the Church. President  Obama has also supported a draft resolution seeking such an apology. But these apologies remain nothing beyond empty rhetoric. The Natives continue to suffer even today despite the intentions to apologize.


It is an undeniable fact that the words fail to describe the horrors of terror unleashed on Native Americans in the past. Even the most optimistic souls can become dispirited with a mixed feeling of despondency, despair and anguish on learning the gory details of the prolonged genocide. The anguish gets multiplied when we see the descendents of the brute tyrants are now attempting to showcase themselves as frontline torchbearers of human rights and values. The pain and agony shoots up a million miles when we see a conscious attempt has consistently been made to wash off and rewrite the gory history of America. 

Ironically, the modern world that claims to be civilized has so far remained oblivious to the pain and agony of the Native Americans. But this ought not to continue. If a fair and equitable world order is to sustain on this planet, if humanity and justice is to prevail, if the attempts of defeat terror are to succeed, the past and present ordeals of American Indians have to be acknowledged by all in totality. The unabated sufferings of American Indians have continued far too long. They have been economically, culturally and socially languishing in their own homeland. It is high time the US made serious efforts to ameliorate their current miserable plight. 


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