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Ravi V.Chhabra. August 14. 2010. FIEFDOM AT MIDNIGHT


60 + Free Years of Governmentarians!

Fiefdom @ Midnight


Ravi V.Chhabra Fiefdom@Midnight






Jawaharlal cNehru in 1947Sheikh Abdullah

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Sheikh Abdullah.

Welcome! We await humiliation with  folded hands...

And have we not achieved so much? The red carpets rolled in and out for Pakistan’s high officials are still smudged, with piddle/wasteful stains refusing to slacken despite decades of incessant dry-cleaning. Thank goodness, the flaccid fabric is not as yet in tatters.


Some able Kashmiri drapers have stitched it time and again immaculately. Hats off to them for maintaining the status quo but their patience may not be construed as impotence – they are immensely fertile. The better feeling is that India has become self-sustaining in food-stock, livestock, ammunition-stock and BSE stock(s). Isn’t it?

But India doesn’t realize it except when the filibusters occasionally blare it on their public address systems that the nation’s ultimate potential is its bourgeoning educated youth who can deliver in record time. This is a widely acknowledged fact. No wonder, some top-most positions globally in the towering MNCs are helmed by ‘we the people of India’. They too matter and their opinion must be sought on subjects as convoluted as Indian foreign policy that, of late, is gaily making a mockery of some of its founding fathers.


India-Pak: Dialogue or  Diatribe?

Pak-India dialoge or diatribe?

Now, some lessons that India has not learnt in the last sixty-three years and needs to re-attend school. Read Chanakya Nitii - from Pakistan's  diplomatique manual. They seem to be knowing it by rote! Remember considering Gandhi as a politician sometimes, at least. Know that while dealing with Pakistan, China, UK, Australia and Uncle Sam, we need not emulate the great Mother Teresa here. India’s missionary zeal at diplomacy can only be ill-served with an all-pervading charitable attitude.

I wonder if Mr and Mrs Government of India have underlined their agenda for the next two-years. It would do well to remember that the poor farmers of India must get all the subsidies and doles, second perhaps only to education-for-all and it being free for the poor. It must deal cautiously with haberdashers from across the silk-route(s).

After a revisit to the Chanakya doctrine, it would be imperative for Mr. Government to:  a) Read the philosophy of the Shaolin Temples’ Gung Shu (Kung Fu), b) Listen to the speeches of American President Abraham Lincoln and. last but not least, c) Have more educated youth inside the Parliament sooner and take speedier decisions at all Government levels with a stipulated time-line for amendments to legislations.


Imagine it has taken just 63-years for India to realize that education must be free for all children and that there’s an urgent need  now being felt for a law on sexual harassment at workplace. Hail Indian bosses!

The Governmentarians, however, have yet to realize that Pakistan is an incorrigible neighbour that seems to enjoy shaming and embarrassing us, given the earliest chance, either side of the line-of-no-control. I guess our wisest legislators may have at last learnt that the Parliament is a poor India’s rich temple, despite the cult of bickering practised there. They must now remove their footwear outside and behave - for security reasons. Happy Independence Day, India!

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