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Salad Days And Health By Jasmine Kaur


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Jasmine Kaur-fnbworld By Jasmine Kaur



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‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’. This is an age old saying which all of us have heard of time and again. If we go back in the past, history would provide us with numerous examples which prove the above adage. Our ancestors or more recently, our grandparents have always told us about the healthy lifestyle they used to lead.


Going nuts about green salads- fnbworldWith no or rather less availability of frozen food, people mostly relied on natural and homemade eatables. A major portion of their diets constituted the green leafy veggies which today’s generation detests and makes faces at. Burgers, pizzas and Indian snacks like samosas and kachoris, to name a few, are those delicacies which light up every child’s face. Can’t salads be that tempting? This is the concern of most parents. Well, the answer is yes. Salads and snacks, by Carol Bowen, make the task easier for the parents. As the title suggests, the book is about a variety of salads and in-between snacks which tasty and at the same time healthy. Each food item that goes into their making has its own nutritional benefits.


Healthy snacks for all- fnbworldThis book is a like a natures trail where we learn about so many new veggies and recreating them to make interesting salads. Moreover, the sedentary lifestyle that we are leading makes it even more imperative to have a closer look at the book. It begins with an introduction to all the ingredients of the cooking world that is basic to a salad or a short time snack. It categorizes salads into side salads, main meal salads, salad dressings and special occasion salads. Along with salads, snacks are classified into two types: speedy and substantial ones. As we go through the book, we find such appealing illustrations of the dishes that it makes us read on and on. Salad recipes range from easy to difficult ones including those whose ingredients also take a lot of effort to be pronounced!! Reading it makes you feel reenergized and fresh.


Carol Brown Ball-fnbworld

The cover itself is so alluring that you surely can resist but try out one recipe at least. One such recipe which caught my eye was Yorkshire ploughboy. The name sounds funny but the picture beside it will make your melt. Very quick and easy to make, what we need is a small red cabbage, finely chopped onion which is peeled and thinly sliced, dark treacle,  white wine vinegar , mustard, salt and freshly ground black pepper. Simply place the cabbage and onion in a large serving dish and mix well. Mix together the other ingredients separately and pour this dressing over the cabbage mixture and toss. Serve at once. Some of you who are hardcore non-vegetarians would totally exclude the idea of a salad as your meal. You people requested to go through the book once because it has salads in store for all. Wondering how’s that possible?


Finest fruit salad-fnbworld


Let me give you short and sweet salad recipe called chicken and apple salad. Start by putting potatoes in a mixing bowl. Add oil to it and toss. Then add chicken, apples, ham, herbs, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Toss thoroughly and chill for half an hour. You can either directly put the mixture in a serving dish or if you want to make it look more enticing, you can arrange lettuce on the base, pile the chicken salad in the center and sprinkle some paprika on it. Your summery salad is ready to cool you even if the temperature is soaring high. Once you try them, they will definitely provide you a refreshing taste as opposed to the oily, greasy and spicy food that aggravates your temper. When time is short and you wish to eat something crisp and fresh, this book will provide you notions for snack meals as well. Whether it is Scandinavian open sandwiches or the French chicken pate, all would find place in this book. The more complicated they seem; the easier they are to make.


As we all know that first impression is the last impression, presentation is the core component of a dish, be it a salad, a side dish or a main course. Bringing in the combination of the exotic names of the dishes and their exquisite display on paper is undoubtedly the work of an eminent person like Carol Bowen. This collection of hers is a distinct one which encompasses recipes from various parts of the world, implying the significance and her love and passion for food. This book gives us an insight into the fact that cooking is not only cutting and chopping; there is more to it than this. For some its happiness, for others it’s their job and for some more, it’s a stress buster. Food is a medium to express, explore and discover our inner self and this edition by Carol Bowen is an attempt in this direction.


Note: Carol Bowen Ball is an established food writer with over 35 years experience in the food arena. A prolific author, she has written over 90 cookery books (mainly as Carol Bowen), on a variety of subjects from barbecue to range-style cooking, and a whole lot in between. She won the ‘Cookery Book of the Year Award’ for her ground-breaking book ‘Versatile Vegetables’ when bringing vegetables to the forefront of meal planning was in its infancy. A former Household and Cookery Editor for ‘Homes & Gardens’ magazine she has always been on the look-out for new ideas, trends and chasing the latest advice on cooking and eating well. Her long association with the media, be it television, radio, magazines, newspapers, the internet or professional journals, means she is a popular and sought-after pundit on all things relating to food. It is for these same reasons that she has worked on ‘Masterchef'; with Keith Floyd in his heyday; and as an editorial food advisor to Nanette Newman and Diana Dors on food-related projects. 


The Book:

Book Cover

Hardcover: 96 pages

Publisher: Littlehampton Book Services Ltd;

New edition (March 1985)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 185051044X

ISBN-13: 978-1850510444

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