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Satya Pal Singh -December 1. 2014 - Mamata Banerjee Ouster


Satya Pal Singh. Editorial. I. XII. XIV



Rout Route Clear For Mamata



Satya Pal Singh-fnbworld By Satya Pal singh



Mamata Banerjee and Amit Shah-fnbworld

Now when Bharatiya Janata Party’s surge in West Bengal looks decisive and fruitfully loaded, with party president Amit Shah sounding bugle for an electoral sweep in 2016, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee must be wondering why people in her state have gone so pendulously moody in shifting gears of their political preferences. She must also be realizing today that the political hypocrisy she chose to tread on, to boost her popularity is not the strategy of a visionary, charismatic leader who wants to reach the top harbouring high ambitions.

After she rode to power in the state, demolishing the once almost   impregnable leftist hold, she believed she could keep her sleepy 'monarchy' aloft by her sheer presence, without focusing on much-needed people-friendly governance and development. One wishes she could realize in time that her unprecedented victory in the last assembly election was facilitated by her predecessor CPM regime’s signal failures that willy nilly had cemented the political stagnation in the state. 

Amit Shah - Rally in Kolkatta-fnbworld

Clearly, there was nothing of an exceptional shine that she had in her armour, for her ambivalence as Railway minister had amply displayed her ineffectiveness in both administration and deliveries. Escaping her pressing responsibilities, she preferred to build her constituency in West Bengal as Rail Bhawan functionaries played truant at the cost of public exchequer. She was found mercifully lacking in specific abilities of a dynamic leader. Still, people passionately voted her to power, believing she would at least do a little   better than a tired, smugly satisfied CPM leadership. 

Amit Shah-fnbworld

That explains why her administration collapsed in less than two years, crimes including rapes, murders and communally charged killings, rattled the state. Deep feelings of insecurity and helplessness overtook the psyche of general public. Apolitical student uprising versus virulent ‘Didigiri’, where she miserably failed to handle emotive issues, her repeated fiascos in Delhi and a visibly telling indifference to the state’s progress and perpetual slighting of  prospective investors made her look an unstable, poorly-equipped politician, who conducted herself  quintessentially as an irritable opposition leader, with hardly an evidence and  sparks of a  ruling queen.  


Side by side, massive frauds surfaced, with important levers of state turning out chief scamsters. In an irresponsible political stroke, she closed down the Shyamal Sen Commission and took pride in allowing   the illegal inflow of Bangladeshi migrants as a welcome reservoir of  her  permanent vote bank, even as the surfeit of their criminal misadventures ‘persecuted’ the peace-loving common people. She cozily went a step beyond that, obliquely trying to shield the communal forces, possibly also the perpetrators of the killer Burdwan blast.


The last two months have seen the CM behaving like a wounded soul, with not much to fall back on, perhaps not even on her own party men, especially those who once had parted ways with CPM in utter disgust and frustration. The same group of politicos who once rudely shook off their dalliance with the Leftist combination now remain a dejected lot with the party supremo’s continued egregious spoils progressively becoming a political liability. Her political free-wheeling and relentless aberrations recklessly pushed into administrative deliveries have now roundly alienated the masses, rendering even the bureaucracy stunned. Deep frustration has sent her anger soaring, pathetically forcing her to go abusive even at public places : she shouts, screams and indulges in verbal retaliation from every rostrum, as her West Bengal sinks abysmally deeper and goes dark, sullen and scary!  

It is, therefore, not difficult to assess why Mamata Banerjee is constantly on the wane, yielding place to a party that virtually had no presence in the state and has now raised issues that seem to be comforting Bengalis. Amit Shah, who proved his mettle as a great electoral organizer during Lok Sabha poll, sweeping U.P, the country’s largest state, is now threatening to make deep inroad into Mamata’s turf.  The very fact that Shah  was not allowed to hold BJP rally in Kolkata demonstrates, in some measure, Mamata’s deep-seated fears on the one hand and the growing popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in every nook and  corner of the country. Detractors may not accept it and take it easy, but facts stand to indicate this direction.  


Amit Shah, in the meantime, is playing his cards with utmost caution, making no compromises on party policies. He knows Bengalis hate Bangladeshis’ presence in the state, they are sick of repeated communal conflagrations and rate the CM as a rank non-performer. So, the party sees a clear opportunity to annex the state in the next election. 

In his massive Kolkata rally yesterday, a confident  BJP president virtually raised a battle cry, saying : “I am Amit Shah…I have come here to uproot Trinamool Congress from West Bengal.” The state goes to polls in 2016, but what has boosted the party’s  morale is the Calcutta High Court’s order, allowing Shah to hold rally in the heart of Kolkata despite thee state govt’s stiff objections. Shah attacked the CM over the Burdwan blast  and the Saradha scam, alleging that money from the chit fund scam was used to fund the blast. This may or may not be true, but the available evidence shows that she has been trying to shield the criminals of the killer blast, ostensibly to please a section of her vote bank. Even the masterminds of the Ponzy scheme seem to be enjoying her patronage.  


Taking everything into account, Mamata Banerjee’s losing spree seems to be intensifying much beyond the onlooker’s gaze. There is nothing with the tormented CM at the moment that can salvage her position. Her loyalists seem to have gone uniformly immobile with their ‘ queen’ committing herself to repeated blunders, annoying the indulgent, sensitive folks of West Bengal.         .                                                                                                                                                                            


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