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Satya Pal Singh. December 14. 2014 - Slur on PM Modi


Satya Pal Singh. Editorial. XIV. XII. XIV






Satya Pal Singh-fnbworld By Satya Pal Singh



Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti-fnbworldSakshi Maharaj-fnbworlda


PM Modi condemns awkward remarks-fnbworld

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends," once remarked Martin Luther King Jr, in a moment of utter desperation when he noticed his close associates slipping into silence as his crusade in the African-American Civil Rights Movement reached a crucial stage. His words distressingly resonate in my memory, finding a section of our ruling political elite merrymaking on abusive, violative terms with their key controlling authority, Prime  Minister Narendra Modi apparently stopping short of slamming them.


I admire the Prime Minister for some rare, extraordinary features that have lately evolved in his personal disposition. Many call him overbearing, some are even seen waiting to strip off his skin and a large chunk of political heavy-weights look set searching for excuses to berate him for things and issues that visibly are not akin to his taste. Very few seem ready to drop the impression that the kind of massive mandate he bagged through his personal charisma and straight campaigning has driven him arrogant and unduly self-assertive.


My impression, derived from highly-placed sources in the government--political executive and bureaucracy included--suggest that he is neither too domineering, nor excessively thrusting himself forward, nor does he run furiously out of temper; if at all, he retains his equanimity of mind and gives patient hearing to every well-meaning, informed individual whose views, in his reckoning, could be of some import in his business of governance. For, he knows a ruler has to be noticeably accommodating and tolerant when it comes to expanding his area of influence, to facilitate his long journey in unhindered governance and nation-building.


The Prime Minister also knows that he has to be progressive, people-friendly, dispassionate and impartial in making deliveries to his people. And while keeping tab on the goings on within the administrative and governing system, after setting time schedules for the needed deliveries, Modi seems not to be too indulgent with the jobs which, to his thinking, are primarily ministerial functions. Possibly, he does so to keep his workforce confident and responsive to the marked sites of their functions. How many believe that his commandment to colleagues is confined mostly to his characteristic appeals to ensure clean, unprejudiced governance without subjecting anyone to shockers and unexpected pain ? At the same time, he tells everyone that he hates expletives and hate-mongering.


So, how does one explain when days after Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti's abusive remarks, Sakshi Maharj, another BJP MP, left the party red-faced, claiming that Mahatma Gandhi's killer Nathuram Godse was a patriot ? Later, however, under pressure from PM and the party, he retracted his remark, stating that he did not consider Godse a "rashtra bhakta” and he might have said something “by mistake."


That be the case, but what does Modi's non-assertiveness mean when someone working under him makes explicitly outrageous remarks and goes scot-free, leaving the entire nation shocked ? Does the PM think the party will go into turmoil if he proceeds against these saffron minions ? Whatever that means, these hate-mongers deserve some stern action. PM must assert himself and give up his silence to chastise these overly-charged maligning satraps. It's time to shed his spirit of excessive accommodation ; now is the time to instill confidence within the psyche of the countrymen.


All Sadhvis and Sakshsis may go to deliver their 'sermons' outside the precincts of government. If Modi seriously believes he is set on a long journey, he has to shake off his leniency to his erring, aberrant partymen. The nation is pining for fast growth and development. It should, therefore, not get lost in the unneeded controversies of Mandir, Masjid and faith conversions. God is just one and He is indivisible for all times. For God's sake, leave these issues for the courts to decide. If, however, a more sensible opinion believes that ban of conversions will bring to an end the spread of bad blood in society, the government may proceed with that before it becomes too late !


Some say the Prime Minister is creating an atmosphere to push in his "saffron agenda." But do they think that a person, who is trying to win over the minority communities, will explore passages to irritate and further alienate them at a time he hardly can afford to do? I think the PM will be well advised to feel the sensitivity of emotions flying in the air and desist from doing anything that may disturb the social environment and block his professed agenda of development, peace and prosperity.

Mr. PM, already, the problems are too many to grapple with; where is the space for any more irritants ?



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