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Satya Pal Singh. December 15. 2013. MISERY OF BEING MULAYAM


Editorial. Satya Pal Singh. December XV. XIII  


Misery of being Mulayam


Satya Pal SinghBy Satya Pal Singh



Mulayam Singh Yadav with son Akhilesh Yadav: Careful whispers

If we take time off to traverse though our sensibility, gently touching its tender fruition point, we would discover we are all saints. We want nothing, but inner tranquility, an environment of love, peace and togetherness. We want around us, gently flowing cool breeze, playing with the nature's bounty, lush green trees, colourful plants, transparent serpentine streams chiming rhythmically through the maze of while marvelous stones. After a deep-down into the expanse of nature, when we revert back homes, we want our near and dear ones happily enjoying family bonhomie, tagged in mutual 'give and take' to further deepen the household ties. We want the confines of our family absolutely secure and snuggled in impregnable unity.

But, what happens when we step out into the groove of society made of a different set of people? Why do we see everybody as a stranger outside, symbolizing a definite core of aloofness and separation? And what is that within our system that forces us to think so desperately and out of bounds? Is it our religion, creed, caste, class, standard or life style that pounces on us so negatively and ominously disturbs our sense of judgment? We look all standing apart in our narrow confines, betraying the basic propriety of heart-to-heart interactions. A lot of forces are seen active here, demolishing the edifice of togetherness. Our political class, worst of them, visibly remains in overdrive, in an effort to extract the maximum out of this rampant run of divisiveness.

We have our population divided among segments, from political class, business and trade, white and blue collar employees engaged in government and private services, ever-increasing labour class, to the sprawling farming community, the very enviable brand of our country. It's enviable not for its personal resourcefulness, but for being the nation's lifeline that feeds hundreds of millions within the country and abroad. The political class divides all these sections to win their favour and eventually ride to power and pelf. But this division is carried out in a very crude, nasty form, no matter if that means giving rise to social conflicts, disharmony, extensive blood-shed, endemic bitterness and hatred.



Our Samajwadi Party leader, Mulayam Singh Yadav, who calls himself a Lohiaite Socialist and a friend of the labour class, is today a much-wounded political satrap. Recent Muzaffarnagar riots brought him a trail of devastating reproach and condemnation from both the sparring communities, Hindus and Muslims, for his CM-son's fiasco in giving them protection as the riots took a bloody turn, taking some 50 lives from both sides. His known pro-Muslim bias got sharply dented with top Muslim leaders vociferously attacking the Akhilesh administration as opportunistic, rudderless and devoid of the needed governing acumen. Akhilesh's naivety sharply came to the fore.

So, the CM's father, Mulayam Singh Yadav, aspiring to be the next Prime Minister, wants to ride on a wave that may ensure him some 40 Lok Sabha seats from UP, the largest state that sends 80 MPs to the august house. This is possible only if majority of Muslims vote for him. So, he has devised a formula to please Muslims and win their vote. He declares that every police station in the state will have a Muslim 'Daroga', besides other Muslim cops. Mulayam and his novice son must have been patting themselves for having set upon a very bright idea to polarize Muslim votes in their party's favour. But, do they know what damage would this diktat inflict on the basic premise of democracy? If a ruler becomes so self-centered and blind to basic norms of piety that even a serious breach of system and the people's trust fails to move his sense of morality, he or she ceases to have moral authority to govern. This action, at the same time, is fraught with serious repercussions on the people's psyche, besides being divisive to the core.

In the beginning, I talked of the basic human nature that increasingly aspires for peace and equanimity of mind and is basically averse to taking the load of detestation and bitterness. It's a very serious matter that we the mortals, who live on earth, on an average, for mere 75 years, criminally sow seeds of discord in society. I can understand the anger and dishonesty on the part of a person who is physically infirm, hungry and penniless. But what about the rulers or, those in power in other key areas, who have stashed wealth enough to feed generations? Would anybody justify this phenomenon? Why cannot they rule within the norms set apart for this class? Why do they go shamelessly self-centric to bend rules and the tried traditions of good governance? How much do they need, first to fill their bellies and then to satisfy their greed? Do they know greed knows no limits? Do they also remember Fredrick Douglass' words of caution to the ruling classes: "The white man's happiness cannot be purchased by the black man's misery?"



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