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Satya Pal Singh. December 22. 2014- Pak Blood Games


Satya Pal Singh. Editorial. XXII. XII. XIV




Satya Pal Singh-fnbworld By Satya Pal Singh



Pakistan's school children under attack

Those who rule Pakistan by proxy, notably the Army and ISI brass, need to explain to the world and their panicky "awam" why they had not retaliated seriously to the deadly Taliban attacks that had been taking hundreds of lives in Pakistan over the years, much before the massacre of 148 innocent lives, most of them of tender kids in Peshawar. Their military operations against terrorists in the North Waziristan tribal area close to Peshawar had apparently been token strikes so far, not really intended to eliminate these cruel enemies of humanity in entirety.


Cold-blooded massacre

Now that the Taliban mercilessly raid an Army school in an unprecedented pogrom and threaten to kill more children, the military moves to take a sweeping action, killing 57 militants in a day in massive air strikes in the khyber tribal region, where the suicide bombers are said to have been trained. All indications are that the Army's earlier "reprisal actions" in the Taliban-infested region had been half-hearted and inconsequential, so as not to irritate the killer brigade into spreading reign of terror throughout Pakistan.

 LeT: Is it unstoppable?


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, almost a figure-head within the ruling hierarchy, now talks of a "national plan to clean the entire affected area of terrorism within a week." The pressure from all sections of the Pakistani citizenry, understandably, has been so heavy in the aftermath of the Peshawar killings that the Army now has no option, but to strike hard in all pockets of resistance. Though warplanes and ground forces have been pounding insurgent hideouts, actions on those locations are still selective. It is, therefore, still doubtful if the extremist-occupied areas and the training camps that breed and promote the killer mindset in youth would at all be cleansed.

 Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif-fnbworldOne may ask why in the first place Islamabad had chosen to impose moratorium on executions of blood-thirsty convicts? The Pakistani justice system saw them as barbarous killers, apt to be denied any mercy or reprieve. The double standard of Pakistani establishment is proving disastrous for both these warring neighbours. If terrorists kill Pakistani nationals, then they are branded criminals, if they kill Indians, they are called jihadis and heroic warriors. This standard, Nawaz Sharif must know, is patently beguiling as it is self-destructive.


As the home-grown terror rebounds on Pakistan, it must become clear that militancy flowing in the stream of hatred and blood over a period of time becomes impervious to human emotions and refuses to recognize any faith or religion. If at all, the misguided militancy recognizes only the strike power of the gun it holds, the sound of the killer explosion it touches off or just the shrill screams of a mass of dying humanity. When will Nawaz Sharif and others within the Pakistani ruling system learn this basic lesson?


Pakistan stands ruined today under the impact of its disastrous policies, steeped in cruelty, highhandedness and extreme negativism. Qaed -e-Azam M A Jinnah had never dreamt Pakistan to be what it is today : he wanted to develop a system there, somewhat akin to the “pleasures of Jannat.” No doubt, he had forced Partition despite stiff resistance from other national leaders, but the route Pakistan took after his demise, he would never have approved, had he been alive today, even though his disenchantment with the Hindu community was total and irreversible.


After the execution of two of the 17 terrorists, who have been on the death row, Taliban stands aggressively up in arms to kill more. Having been under persistent training sessions in cruelty and self-destruction, their thirst for blood remains ever unquenched, as their mindset has been filled with irreversible repulsion and hatred for everyone and they see no interest even in their own lives. As such, they crave only for blood, no matter whose blood it is that they shed.


The Pakistani citizens, including those who believe the militants are holy warriors raising arms against their own country, just because Islamabad aligned itself with the US-led war in Afghanistan, now feel mortally threatened. At the same time, a number of religious activists and intellectuals caution the establishment of possible sustained bloody backlash if more convicted terrorists are executed. Radical cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz, who calls the Taliban "our brothers", in his sermon openly asks the government to desist from hanging any more convicts. The environment of hate and cruelty pervades in the Pakistani society so much today that normal life looks wholly shattered, with the citizens' focus rudely shifted from bread-winning to fear and consternation.

Pakistan has been transporting terrorists to kill innocent Indians in their cowardly acts on this side of the border, despite the tremendous global pressures. Reports still suggest a large number of terrorists across the training camps in mainland are most likely to be spared for causing mayhem in India. The election success in Jammu and Kashmir has sent provocative signals across Pakistan and made jihadis further determined to carry out bloodshed and disruptions on the Indian soil.


Meanwhile, India has conveyed its concern to the UN Security Council that financing to terror groups like LeT is supplemented by illegal resources generated through drug trafficking, piracy, kidnapping for ransom and extortion, even though the terror groups are duly placed in the Council's sanction list.

Clearly, the UN looks helpless and ineffectual: there seems to be little that its sanctions committee can do about such violations of the sanction regime. Therefore, the remedy lies in India strengthening it's security apparatus and sealing the borders that still remain porous on key locations. The enemy in Pakistan is fated to stay alive!



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