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Satya Pal Singh. Editorial. August 7. 2015-Macabre ISI


Satya Pal Singh. Editorial.VIII.VII.XV




Satya Pal Singh-fnbworld By Satya Pal Singh



Notorious ISI of Pakistan-fnbworld


After the three consecutive attacks in the new ISI hot terror theatre –from Jammu region to Gurdaspur in Punjab, a zone so far considered safe from terror onslaughts - it must be clear to the government, especially to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, that with this kind of highly provocative mini invasion, Islamabad is creating a situation for another bloody war with India. This time, Pakistan wants to test its oft-stated "deep friendship" with China and the extent of America's resilience to its nefarious axis with ISIS, vis-a-vis India's growing travails. Knowing it too well that Pakistan is a rogue state and its warfare enthusiasts are never the buyers of peace, both Beijing and Washington continue to supply it lethal weapons to augment its fighting power beyond its genuine needs. What is worrying the establishment now is that Pak ISI and the Army have shifted its terror focus from Kashmir Valley to the Jammu region where Hindu and Sikh population is concentrated. The new, hot terror zone has witnessed at least six major assaults in recent times, costing massive loss in human lives 


Attack in Gurdaspur-fnbworld

I am shuddered to imagine what a ghastly gore would have shocked the world, had the Pakistani terrorist splinter duo Naved and Momin been able to lay hands on Amarnath yatris who move in droves and in interminable rows along the highways and paths that lead to the shrine. These terrorists on prowl had a clear brief to kill as many Hindu pilgrims as possible on the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway and ''Indian Netas" in cities and towns. Within 48 hours of the highway ambush, another killer group crashes into an Udhampur police outpost and sprays bullets, injuring two SPOs. Four terrorists are still holed up in the outposts after the night’s crossfire, two are said to be on the run.

While Islamabad has been officially denying these attacks had anything to do with Pakistan, the highway encounter has exposed its persistent lies. Dreaded terrorist Naved, captured alive following the encounter, told cops on camera that he hailed from Faisalabad in Pakistan and his accomplice Momin from Bahawalpur. Shameless Pak denials come routinely in the same way as the rogue state had once disowned Ajmal Kasab. Naved’s father  Mohammad Yakub confirms the captured youth is his son. But he is terribly scared that his family may be shot as “both Lashkar and fauz” wanted his son dead and not captured alive in India. He conclusively nails the Pak lie and also proves that the sponsors of terrorists expect them either to kill and return to receive “lakhs worth of awards” or shoot themselves before being captured alive in enemy territory.

The likes of notorious, blood-thirsty Hafiz Saeed (of Jama'at-ud-Da'wah with links to Mujahideen Lashkar-e-Taiba) and Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi (of Lashkar-e-Taiba) and their cohorts supervise the training of young, intelligent and active boys in terror camps to the point where they fail to distinguish between life and death. They are told if they die shedding blood of countless people, they become “heroes, real jihadis”...It is all “Allah ki marzi" and "fun". In no way must they surrender to be captured alive.

Psychoanalysts must be baffled by Naved's attitude, barely five days after Yakub Memon was hanged for hatching the conspiracy for the 1963 serial bomb blasts. Experts reading people's mental responses to myriad situations must be brooding over the meticulous micro-management of young minds by little-educated, sworn jihadis whose credo is to hate and shed blood. How effectively they control brain slots through relentless superabundant feedings of jihad and its "ever-lasting virtues" is at once mind-boggling. Naved told cops, "We were here to kill and only kill. We were here to kill Hindus...We worked for the cause of Allah..had you not caught us, you would have known what we would have done." 

Naved, just 20, but a hard-core jihadi, had his brief to "avenge the 'relentless killing' of Kashmiris...had I been killed, it would have been Allah's doing. There is fun in doing this." As he spoke, he was relaxed, wholly calm and composed, cheerful, confident, and smiling, fantasizing the pleasure of mass killings. He had no fear of thrashing, being shot by someone or being executed by enemy state one day for what he had done. He only knew he was an "intensely motivated jihadi" and his job was to kill and kill. When someone kills for jihad, but takes killing as fun, jihad may very well be missing from his mind momentarily, for the mind is then set on the joy of seeing the targets felled, with blood flowing all around. You take revenge in extreme anger on someone who has done you some harm. But look here, Naved and Momin were killing people indiscriminately without even knowing whether they were Hindus or Muslims. So, is it this way jihadis shape their ideology, entirely blindfolded, conscious mind going completely haywire?

By Naved's voluntary admission, LeT killer groups infiltrated by cutting fence at LoC in the Bandipara-Kupwara sector about two months ago, but retreated back into Pak when their "guide" failed to turn up. Finally, they infiltrated 12 days ago and were hosted by local jihadis who arranged them weapons and ammunition. One splinter group attacked the Gurdaspur Police Station and this duo, after days of “hide-and-seek at Gulmarg and elsewhere”, ambushed a BSF convoy on the highway near Udhampur. In the gunbattle, two BSF men and terrorist Momin were killed. A dozen BSF men were injured. However, AK-47-wielding Naved had a bad run when he was tactfully overpowered by a few brave unarmed villagers who were held hostage by him before he could fulfill his dream of killing a "hundred Hindus". 

We may be feeling somewhat elated that we have another clinching evidence of Islamabad causing mayhem in India, days after the head of Pakistan's 26/11 probe Tariq Khosa conceded that the Mumbai strike was indeed the handiwork of Pakistan. But Islamabad calls all these "rubbish, a bunch of lies." Two former Pak Generals, appearing on an Indian TV channel, had the temerity to blame India for all the bloodshed that was taking place in Pakistan. One said, " We are fed up with Indian lies. We don't kill across the border. You people are cowards, suppressing minorities, framing stories ; this time talking of GPS sets, another time talking of Army and ISI involvement. There is no end to these lies." That, in short, is the reason why New Delhi is frustrated by Islamabad's persistent attempt at scuttling prosecution of those who masterminded the 2008 Mumbai attack.

If today’s superpowers hate terrorism and want the world freed of this evil, why don’t they move? Is there any perceptible US pressure on Islamabad today?.Leave the dragon aside, the US which is on the direct target of ISIS that poses a veritable threat to the peace-loving world, hardly appears any serious to take on terror. There are reports that ISIS wants to attack India just to "drag American overlords into war." Doesn't the US know that with the emergence of ISIS and innumerable other hard-core militant groups, it's not easy to fight terrorism? All peace-loving nations have to combat the evil together. So, when India presents another piece of evidence of Pakistani involvement in killings in India, it must be taken note of globally. For this, New Delhi will have to mount worthwhile diplomatic initiatives.

Barrack Obama knows that Dawood Ibrahim and Tiger Memon and a few other 1993 attack conspirators are having a good time in Pakistan, carrying out their shady, lucrative drug and arms business unchecked. How many times has Obama asked Pakistan seriously to hand these baddies over to India to get justice for their crimes? In the 26/11 Mumbai attack, even Americans lost lives. Pakistan's roguery will end only when superpowers seriously move to tame its belligerence.

What will India discuss with this terror state at the NSAs' level, if it refuses to listen? New Delhi's marshalling of terror evidence against Pakistan will have meaning only when it's forced to behave under some consolidated international pressure driven by sanctions. Common people of Pakistan, no doubt, want peace, Kashmir or no Kashmir. But so long as these masses groan under the excesses of exploitative Army-ISI clique, its people will hardly be able to breathe free in peace. Home-grown militant groups are known to be killing innocent Pakistanis in blasts and shootouts to create scare in public.

ISIS has reached the Kashmir Valley and waves its flags freely in public places there. Separatists enjoy the sight and sings paeans for the aid they are extending them. Any form of violence anywhere in the world affects the entire global community, directly or indirectly. ISIS violence is spreading by the day.War within Islamic groups in the form of Shia-Sunni struggle for supremacy and the bloodbath that goes with it, have already caused lot of sufferings to humanity in several areas.

One doesn't know really why people fight wars that hardly make any sense. We only learn of centuries-old Islamic divide. But nothing explains the political, economic, and geostrategic factors involved in these conflicts. It's obviously a struggle for the leadership of Islam? But then, why should Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran use the sectarian divide to aggravate the tension to engulf larger areas ? They may further their ambitions, but when bloody conflicts take stage, no one remains superior. How will the political balance between Sunnis and Shias finally emerge is to be seen. Will the future of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain and Yemen be any different then? Alas, the time-tested principle of peaceful co-existence has been relegated to peripheral narratives!


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