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Satya Pal Singh. January 25. Superpowers Policy


Satya Pal Singh. Editorial. XXV. I. XV




Satya Pal Singh-fnbworld By Satya Pal Singh


ISIS terrorists-fnbworld

From the time Pakistan executed seven convicted militants, even as US Secretary of State John Kerry was visiting the country, Islamabad has given the impression that it is out to wipe out the phenomenon of terrorism from its soil. The executions came a month after the Peshawar school massacre that left 147 dead, including 130 children.


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This made Mr. Kerry speak in high approbation of Pakistan's seriousness in proceeding against the terror menace and prompted him to provide $250 million emergency aid towards relief of those displaced by Pakistan's military operations against Islamic militants in the country’s Northwest Frontier.

John Kerry, who was in Islamabad to ramp up "security and intelligence cooperation", was told by top Pak political executive that senior officials oversaw the execution of convicts across the country. Those executed included extremists convicted of launching deadly sectarian assaults. That the punishment was carried out in the presence of government officials made Mr. Kerry further reassured that in the wake of the Peshawar mayhem, Pakistani rulers had discovered the sin of promoting terror groups for the purpose of settling scores with their enemies.

Pakistani state actor Hafiz Saeed-fnbworld

On the eve of President Barack Obama's recent visit to New Delhi, Americans took reality check and thought it wise to warn Pakistan that if any outrage was committed on Indian soil during the President's visit, Pakistan would have to face grave consequences. One may easily reconcile to the US position since the security of its President is involved. But what about thousands of victims of terror in India and Pakistan who lost lives in utter disgrace and humiliation? A terrorist does not belong to any caste, community or religion; he presses the trigger to kill indiscriminately. Did the Muslim attackers in Mumbai know whom they were killing when they shot 166 innocent people? Was it possible for them to identify their Hindu targets? In every attack, people of all communities are killed. So, if it is jihad, does it have its targets?

Pakistani Jihadis, possibly mentored by Jamaat-ud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed, say they are fighting for Muslm-dominated Kashmir. Then, why are they shedding blood in Bombay or elsewhere, killing also their ‘Muslim brethren’? Does Saeed know how many Muslims were killed in Mumbai outrage? Perhaps, he needs not to, because as a Jihadi he can only ask his sharp-shooters to go on killing spree. The purpose clearly is to terrorize the enemy through extermination of the masses.

If Pakistan is so serious in having entire Kashmir, let them invade India and realize their dream. Killing innocent people anywhere on earth is an unpardonable crime. Allah, Quran and Islam all guide human beings to promote brotherhood among themselves and prohibit them from resorting to violence against the weak and the hapless.

America being a superpower owns huge resources to create impregnable defence apparatuses against security threats to its rulers anywhere on the globe, but what of those brave, resourceless billions who themselves face and fight  terror onslaughts and encourage others to take a step forward to save their honour? I am inclined to believe that the US may have launched war against this global threat, but is it effective in the absence of any check on the flow of arms and finances that feed these misdeeds?

America, Russia, China and many other powerful countries provide arms to rogue states that freely promote terror in their lands. Japan, however, doesn’t export weapons to conflict-plagued countries. When Pakistani terrorists are caught while on bloody operations, weapons with official army and police seals are invariably recovered. Why can't the producers of lethal weapons stop providing arms to the known terror-states?

Answer here may be a big 'no', for these rich nations are doing business out of their arms of mass destruction. So, can we convincingly say, terrorism is all product of trade and business?

Everyone knows notorious international mafias are doing big business in weapons and drugs today, freely spreading the net of terrorism on the planet. Who is financing ISIS, now being sighted also in Pakistan and India, far away from the locations they are presently engaged in? If their war is for race and civilization, why are they killing Muslims with such impunity and cruelty? Any sectarian war is not worth fighting for. At one point, the struggle is for race, at another, it’s a fight for sectarian division.

What is this Shi’a-Sunni imbroglio? To my mind, it’s a meaningless chasm within a race that neither has logic nor any present-day value system to support it. If at all, the obtaining divide merely brings serious troubles that come heavy on the common folk. Does the Iraqi crisis represent aspirations of an Islamic State and beyond? Conflict in Iraq and Syria has seen ISIS control incredibly large territory.

Future dangers lie in the appeal to Islamists worldwide of their claims to a Caliphate. Powerful world leaders, especially the Americans, are responsible for this state of things.

If the tangle has gone past any perceptible resolution strategy, it’s because the US, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran have all played a part.

In today’s civilized society, there is hardly a room for regressive practices like beheading, stoning, crucifixion etc. There is, therefore, need for a regional security dialogue to undo the existing mistrust, check further escalation and explore avenues of peace. A UN-sanctioned Arab-led peacekeeping mission may help a great deal. But the terrifying brutalities must stop.

If President Obama thinks his warning to terror states will have any telling effect, he is laboring under misapprehension. Obama himself held out a tough message to Islamabad saying, "safe havens of terrorism are not acceptable…those behind the Mumbai terrorist attack must face justice." Does Obama think Pakistan will hand over the mastermind, Hafiz Saeed and others, responsible for the attack that took 166 innocent lives and maimed many more in indiscriminate firing.

Despite Obama's warning, Saeed is calling him names, sitting cozy in safe haven in Islamabad, well protected and well served by those political and military stalwarts who call him "social worker" and "charity man." Not only that, he has chided those who buckled under American pressure and grounded terrorist outfits. Not worried about JuD’s bank accounts frozen, he accused Islamabad of “trying to please its masters in the West and India” He said, "JuD isn’t a terrorist organization. We will continue to do our work. Let them try and stop us.” Strangely Saeed, who founded Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) in the 1990s, operates freely in Pakistan and leads an affluent man's life, despite a $10-million US bounty on his head. He regularly delivers inflammatory speeches against India and the US.

Pakistani govt claims to have banned LeT, JuD and Taliban-linked Haqqani network and frozen their bank accounts. Haqqanis were involved in many deadly attacks in Afghanistan, including the bombing of Indian embassy in Kabul in 2008 that left 58 people dead. Pak govt says the action was taken against these terror groups following ban by the United Nations. Here, the question is: If these outfits had been banned by the UN, then how were they operating in Pakistan? What is most strange is that even the organizations that have some grand names are found involved in terror activities. For instance, Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation, JuD's so-called 'welfare wing', is banned by the US.

It's generally believed that terrorism takes route in areas of grave injustices and exploitation. Then, why doesn't the world rise to end those injustices wherever they exist? No one may like to become a terrorist and risk his life just for fun. But the phenomenon of suicide attack is difficult to understand. When one attacks in an insecure, dangerous location, the attacker knows his death is inevitable. Can one accept brain-washing to the point of self-destruction?

Hafiz Saeed might have sent a thousand jihadis on different missions. Most must have met their miserable, painful end. But the man who takes sadistic pleasure in seeing others sacrificed is enjoying a high-profile life today as a "respectable charity man". May one then ask what charity is Saeed doing? Nine of those Pakistani youngsters who sprayed bullets in Mumbai were shot right there; one who survived, died a tragic death on the gallows years later.

This gives a food for thought to all those who believe terrorism is another way of resolving issues. Had it been so, everybody on earth would have turned a terrorist. I wish to quote the bold author Salman Rushdie: “How do you defeat terrorism? Don’t be terrorized.”!



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