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Satya Pal Singh. July 21. 2014. JUNG OVER DELHI DARBAR


Editorial. Satya Pal Singh. VII. XXI. XIV


Jung Over Delhi Darbar?

Satya Pal Singh-fnbworld By Satya Pal Singh



Najeeb Jung-fnbworldBJP-AAP-fnbworld


Both Delhi state and the portals of democracy are lying under siege, feeling the pain of virtual nightmare, with the assembly pitifully remaining in suspended animation for months. Greed of sorts, especially of retaining their legislative positions, has overtaken law-makers of every party having stakes in varying measures. A Congress MLA says he doesn't want money, he wants power and a stable govt. While BJP hopes fresh election can be avoided and a democratic dispensation may well emerge out of the present assembly, AAP and Congress leaders want immediate poll, hoping to improve their tallies and also to escape the embarrassment of alleged poaching on their MLAs. But their MLAs remain scary of jumping into the poll fray again, fearing ignoble defeats. 

In a fresh development, at least 15 MLAs from these parties are understood to have clandestinely approached BJP leaders to form government with their support, putting to shame their parties which have either paraded their MLAs or propose to parade them before media persons, to prove that their ranks are firmly united. AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal may take his "reluctant" MLAs to Lt-Governor Najeeb Jung today, demanding immediate dissolution of the assembly and fresh poll.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, back from the BRICS summit, is learnt to have given a stern warning to BJP's state leadership not to indulge in horse-trading, even if that means immediate polls. While the Centre feels with most of the MLAs from all parties showing strong unwillingness to face fresh poll, BJP may form a stable govt with support from AAP and Congress legislators. More than a dozen MLAs, led by six of the Congress, are seen sitting on the fences, ready to support a BJP government, supposedly without conditions. What a wonderful thing if none of them insists on becoming a minister or joining in for a consideration!


For L-G, all the three options - govt formation, fresh poll and possible extension of the Central rule - are open, but he understandably favours fresh election, despite the MLAs’ stout reservations. But here the question is: When a good number of breakaway MLAs are available to support a BJP government, why the fresh election to put fresh burden on the already depleted exchequer? They argue what, if this exercise again turns futile and throws up another hung assembly? Even though the Centre announced a Rs 260-crore powers subsidy in the Delhi budget, keeping an eye on the fresh poll and effectively neutralizing the clout of Kejriwal, it's yet to take a final call on the election.

But BJP's problem is projecting the right chief ministerial nominee with Harsh Vardhan having departed to the Centre. While the party itself is not on a very firm footing having shuffled three party chiefs since April 12 and Probable CM candidate Jagdish Mukhi himself being considered a weak entity. Even though Kejriwal's AAP is now rated very low after the Lok Sabha poll mauling, BJP fears Congress may cover a substantial lost ground, despite its bad patches of the past.

Many may not agree, but I personally feel BJP should be allowed to form govt in Delhi as there doesn't appear to be any room for manipulation and dirty deals. Breakaway MLAs will feel satisfied with retaining their present positions in the assembly, even if they don't get ministries. BJP needs just five MLAs to reach the simple majority mark in a House which now has an effective strength of 67. Hopefully, this arrangement will prove viable. Let L-G take a plunge after ascertaining the views of legislators willing to participate in this venture. Yes, it will be a big venture which may eventually go down remarkably in history as an eye-opener for those who wither away at the sight of every odd situation!


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