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Editorial. Satya Pal Singh. V. XIX. XIV


Congress' Innermost


Dynastic Blindness




Satya Pal Singh-fnbworld By Satya Pal Singh




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Now that the 2014 mandate has left the Congress piteously decimated, battered and terribly bruised, it's time for its leaders to do honest introspection and accept their follies and foibles. Deep discontent within party cadres is visible, but senior leaders are still not coming clean on facts. They seem to be swimming in the stream of sycophancy so indulgently that they neither see the writing on the wall, nor are they ready to take on those responsible for the ignoble defeat.

None of them has guts to talk what failed the party and its regime, what drove the people to have company with a little known regional leader like Narendra Modi who emerged from the shadows to become PM of the 1.2 billion-strong nation made of diverse communities. If Modi is PM-designate today with his BJP having bagged a landslide win, it's not because his party has done any wonders; it's  because the Congress and it's top leaders have played havoc with the nation's trust and its peace-loving people.


Despite all this, there is no soul-searching. Senior Congress leaders have been driven to believe that they have no political future if they shun the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and seek to recast the party with a younger, forward-looking lot drawn from among the commoners. The overpowering spell of dynasty has left them almost blood-squeezed and moron.


Indian PMs


Do these leaders really have the guts to do a dispassionate appraisal of this family's leadership quotient? Do they feel the family will continue to produce leaders and statesmen to hold on to power despite unforeseen odds lying hidden in the layers of future? No family is known to have ruled beyond 5-6 generations. History doesn't support such a notion of uninterrupted continuity of rule, nor does the law of nature.


When on facts, Congress lost 2014 poll on scams, misrule and the signal failure of leadership, how can the likes of Kamal Nath repeat the old refrain that PM Manmohan Singh's lack of communication and studied silence ruined both the UPA govt and the party? Strange, Nath knows not that people don't like talking machines, they only pine for deliveries and development, free of corruption and swindle. Alas, Dr Singh,a capable performer, was never allowed to deliver the way he wanted! Congress president Sonia Gandhi might have given him shredded power with limitless physical comforts, but willy-nilly robbed him of his mental peace.


Dr Singh's 'exploitation' came to an abrupt end on May 17 with President Pranab Mukherjee accepting his resignation. When Dr Singh says his tenure has been an "open book", he is speaking exclusively of his own piety and integrity. In this, is he blandly disowning the responsibility of what his Council of Ministers did under his nose? Pity, a ruler so cruelly reduced to be a figure-head! But, here the question remains: If he had that much of discomfort, why did he cling to that hot seat despite repeated humiliations? Was he under some benumbing spell of someone with an agenda?


Mrs Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and perhaps Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, too, must be thankful to BJP at least for a valuable tip - that even a grass-root leader, such as one-time chaiwala like Modi, can rise to any top national position, provided the incumbent has traits of leadership within. All the three Gandhis painstakingly laboured through the rough terrain of the country's hinterland for weeks in oppressive summer, but ultimately drew blank from the electorate, something that shocked even the most scanning pollsters. One feels the Gandhis know at least now that they are exposed and that populist measures here and there are not worth a count or what the people want. They are no more willing to take the leaders' arrogance or things that are offered as fool-hardy, having no real substance. In plain terms, it has been the failure of a venal and ineffective dynasty!


True, Congress has the past of rebounding from devastating debacles, as in 1977 and 1989, but then the leader on the front was either Mrs Indira Gandhi or Narasimha Rao. Both were politically mature, astute personalities. Today, we have Mrs Sonia Gandhi, whose leadership has always faced question marks, else she would have become PM herself in 2004, without a call on Dr Manmohan Singh., Then we have Rahul Gandhi, who continues to be naive and on probation. Yet, he was projected as PM entity with no formal administrative experience to his credit.


Senior partymen took turns to propose Rahul for the top post, believing that any novice hailing from the dynasty can do well on the strength of a pliable political line-up and the attendant bureaucracy at the helm. Mrs Sonia Gandhi forgot that even giants like Indira Gandhi, Rao, V P Singh, Morarji Desai flopped under the odds of time. In comparison, what is the status of Rahul Gandhi ? Just one interview to a TV channel exposed his marksmanship, sending his persona to smithereens. He brought alive unawares the ghost of 1984 Sikh killings, creating fresh problem for the govt headed by a Sikh.


The mother-son duo focused their national agenda on Gujarat riots, Modi-baiting and half-baked "secularism," rather than on bigger national issues, including time-bound development, push to economy, investment climate and national security. But how could they bring development and economic resurgence on the agenda, when their track record itself spoke of malfunctioning laced in series of scandals?


Voters need wherewithal to have access to reasonably priced food, house, health, education facilities for their families, along with security. Congress miserably failed to hold on to their promises they had made while riding to power in 2004. Dr Manmohan Singh showed some sparks in the first term, but soon got bogged down with relentless sweep of insubordination that suited some of his most ebullient Ministers. Now that the party has suffered its worst disaster at the hands of a "commoner", it would do well to look beyond the Gandhi family leadership and seek respite in the efficacy of a matching commoner. But Kamal Nath says Sonia and Rahul won't resign when CWC meets next to take stock of the party's rout in the LS polls. Is he trying to reassert that Congress can't survive without this dynasty?


And sample this arrogance - Sonia Gandhi doesn't want any BJP or an opposition leader to stay adjacent to her Janpath bungalow. What manner of exclusive domain she wants to create for herself and her family?…Nation is watching!



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