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Saving Kasauli


 fnbworld bureau/Himachal Pradesh


A famous view of Kasauli-fnbworld


Anup Kaur Vilkhu with her team in Kasauli-fnbworld

Indeed, one of the cleanest and most serene hill stations in India's state of Himachal Pradesh (Solan district) is facing grave danger due to plastic bags proliferation. Some social activists and environmentalists have taken a firm stand to give a big push to educate and fight this menace on war footing.

Inner Wheel Club of Kasauli celebrated Basant Panchmi by distributing Paper bags in and around Kasauli to shopkeepers and vegetable vendors. The Members spoke to them about clean environment and the harm caused by plastics. 


Himachal Pradesh became the first Indian state to ban plastic bags in 2003 but like everything else, it is imperative to give periodic reminders and nudges  in the environment saving direction. The Club holds regular workshops in schools and market places to remind people of the threat of plastic.


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