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Shangri La buffet

An opulent oriental buffet


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Chef at OA, Shangri La

The swanky Shangri La hotel, sharing glances with the tall and dark glassy Le Meridien hotel has created a niche for itself. The oriental cuisine at weekend luncheons offers an endless array of traditional Japanese favorites alongside some eclectic contemporary ones.

The hotel's master chefs have evolved dishes from grilled, teppanyaki -  deep fried to steamed and the simmered. The repertoire of dishes are immaculately spread on 19 Oriental Avenue's (19 OA) counter tops that beckon foodies to go on an eating binge.

The sturdy buffet is priced at Rs 980 + taxes per person and is money's worth. The Oriental Trail is available from 12:00 noon to 3 pm. Drinks a la carte. The 19 OA offers an Open Buffet with Sushi Sashimi with additional cold Japanese items like Sushi assorted, potatoes salad and bean salad, international salad bar ice carving with garlic steamed prawns and oysters, seared tuna with wasabi sauce teppan grilled vegetables which is served chilled.

A unique dining experience is offered at the Teppan Counter with hot buffet that ranges from Japanese fried rice, assorted grilled seafood and grilled tenderloin rolls and assorted yakitori skewers. Apart from this is the exclusive Thai section.

The elaborate Chinese menu starts with a Dim Sum trolley. From braised crab, fried rice, fried noodles, seamed whole fish, spring rolls, BBQ duck and greens in hot sauce. There is plentiful for those with a dessert fixation to go back satiated.

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