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Watermelon slush

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Watermelon slush-fnbworld

Watermelons make delicious slushes and it is an easy drink to make quickly to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. As watermelons are in peak season in Indian summer, so it’s the perfect time to create this delicious drink. All you need to do is add watermelon pulp, crushed ice, and a bit of lime juice and simply blend together in this quick treat. Add to it some salt and black ground pepper if you like it that way!

Watermelon Slush:


3 cups of sweet watermelon, de-seeded

1 lime

1 cup of ice





1. Start off with a sweet watermelon.  It’s best to start with a seedless watermelon pulp so you don’t have all the work of de-seeding it.

2. Cut about 3 cups of watermelon into small chunks.

3. Squeeze a full lime in a blender and add about a cup of ice, 1 tsp of sugar and one glass of water.

4. Blend until smooth! 

5. Pour into chilled glasses and serve immediately.

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