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Michigan goes smoke free

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fnbworld's travel advisory for smokers

fnbworld's travel advisory for smokers: Add Michigan to your list of states where you don’t light a cigarette carelessly. 

No more smoking in  Michigan

Michingan  becomes the 37th state in the US to ban smoking in all bars and restaurants but exempts casinos and cigar bars.   There is a sigh of relief from millions of bar/café workers who were subject to second-hand smoke at work whether they smoked or not. Bar and Café workers were the ones that were most affected by second hand smoke (SHS).

A study in Scotland had effectively concluded that reduction in SHS at work brought down the cotinine ((byproduct of Nicotine that gets attached to lungs and puts a coating on it) levels level in workers after the ban on smoking in public places was affected in Scotland.

Director Janet Olszewski of the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) was quoted as saying, “This is historic legislation that will protect the health of all Michigan citizens,” She also went on to say that, “Second-hand smoke is the third leading cause of preventable death in Michigan, resulting in about 2,500 deaths each year. By creating smoke-free environments we are taking a significant step toward creating a healthier Michigan.”

The Michigan Bills  to prohibit smoking in the workplace had been languishing in the Legislature since 2000. Gov. Jennifer Granholm called for smoking ban legislation in her 2007 and 2009 State of the State Addresses and signed the smoking ban into law on Dec. 18. One bill applies to food-service establishments, whereas the other applies to all other work places. Two different bills are needed because of Michigan’s unique health code, which lists food-service establishments like bars and restaurants under different safety regulations than other workplaces.

The Bills are crisp and define the locations, prohibit smoking in those locations, specify civil fines and other enforcement provisions, and then tie up the legal loose ends.

A similar ban in Delhi in 2008 has also improved the quality of air at eateries and has been welcomed by the public in general.  Just like Delhi, businesses in Michigan, in order to comply with the smoke-free law, are required to:

●Clearly and conspicuously post “no smoking” signs

●Remove indoor ashtrays and other smoking receptacles

●Direct any person who is smoking to extinguish the cigarette, cigar or other lighted tobacco item.

While it is a great relief to one and all we do have odd questions posed by avid smokers, “Can we fully enjoy watching a game at a sports bar with a beer in hand but no cigarette?” and the answer is simple – millions of non-smokers do!


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