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Someone Whispered Me a Word- Charu Satnarine

Scotyz Bar and Grill

3979 Taschereau Boulevard

Someone Whi$$pered

Me a Word!

Charu Satnarine, Montreal Bureaux

by Charu Satnarine

fnbworld Infotainment Bureaux/Montreal


All photos by Charu Satnarine @Copyright. Right Impact Media Inc.

Scotyz Bar and Grill

Ten years back it was just another local watering hole for an older crowd of regulars. But it’s been a while since it got transformed into a trendier sports bar for the young and discerning.  The re-vamped sign on the exterior still doesn't seem to draw much attention from the busy street, staring at it. Scotyz bar and grill, (open daily 11 am  - 3 am) at 3979 
Taschereau Blvd., St. Hubert, QC is clearly  a word-of-mouth place with style.

Like most popular sports bars, Scotyz offers a variety of incentives to hug new customers with different set of iliking and still keep most of their old loyal(s) - golf packages, dart leagues, karaoke contests, ladies' night but there is one that has attracted a lot of buzz lately: Monday Night Poker.  For $ 20, one can buy-in for $ 10,000 and play tournament-style Texas Hold 'em - which is set up in the rear section of the first level - this welcomes new fans of poker as well as seasoned players for a good-natured fun night of card-playing.

There are two levels to the establishment with a separate bar on each floor.  For sports enthusiasts, several high-definition television screens are mounted higher up so they may take in a game or two with their drinks.  For those who just choose to meet up with friends seems to be the case for most of the customers, there are many tables on both levels and the staff is pretty accommodating when seating for bigger groups.


There is one pool table tucked away in a little area at the front of the bar, so if you're expecting to actually play and you're NOT a regular or tough here early, tough break (pun intended), though on the nights that I was there, no one complained since most people were otherwise occupied. And even though most bars in Quebec suffered the major loss of their video lottery terminals, Scotyz has managed to keep their VLT's, which line two walls of the bar, much to the contentment of their gambling clients.

Cocktails  or  mocktails?

There is a modest deck if you prefer to sit outside, but it is mostly beneficial for the smokers who don't want to keep getting up and going outside every fifteen minutes to have a cigarette. If you do choose this option, however, be warned: you will suffer the consequences of having to wait...and wait for the waitress to come out and check on you or having to go in for yourself on quiet nights when there is no wait staff.

Scotyz Bar and Grill is funThe drinks are what you would expect from a local sports bar: several varieties of beer to choose from, domestic and imported, bottled or on tap - and it is one of the cheapest places to get draft ($14 for a pitcher, $9.50 on Mondays).

They do serve your basic mixed drinks (vodka, rum, southern comfort mixers) for an average price of $5 and I was quite satisfied with their portions.


I do not, however, recommend the sangria - there was no kick to the summery beverage and it seemed to be a concoction made solely of fruit juice and soda. There are always shooter specials, which many people took advantage of while I was there - I didn't partake in them myself!

If you're looking for exotic pina coladas or margaritas, better search elsewhere.  If you want the atmosphere of a night club, this is NOT the place for you. 

Although there is a DJ on certain nights playing the latest music of different genres and taking requests (not mine, apparently), the dance floor is the size of a medium-size living room that does get a bit claustrophobic.

The kitchen offers a variety of finger foods like nachos and jalapeno poppers and meals ranging from fish and chips to steak dinners, was unfortunately closed by the time I arrived, so I safely vouch for the variety and not the quality of food. Surprisingly, they do allow you to bring in food from outside if they are no longer serving food and you are still consuming their alcohol.

The bar and ushers may not be able to get to you immediately - on a packed Saturday night, I spent ten minutes feverishly waiting to put my order in at the bar - but they were apologetic and friendly.  For the most part, Scotyz reminds me of a popular, televised bar where everyone knows your name - and if they don't, they find a way to get it.  It safely gets:

*** ½ out of *****.

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