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Spinach Cheese




Kiran Sabharwal-fnbworld  By Kiran Sabharwal





Most of us are fond of Palak Paneer (spinach and cottage cheese) as it is considered to be a fine dish for family gatherings - be it during lunch or dinner at parties, marriages and for almost all functions. This time I am going to share the recipe which is not only the combination of Palak and Paneer but it is the combination of many vegetables. Give a try and you would feel the difference.


1.750 Gms Spinach

2. One big size Onion

3.Three tomatoes

4.A big size piece of ginger

5.1 Raddish

6.2 to 3 Green Chillies

7.i/2 bowl channa dal

8.2 Potatoes

9.250 gms paneer



Wash finely chopped spinach with a running water. Add all the above ingredients after cutting them into small pieces. After 7 to 8 whistles just grind it with blender and again put it on flame after putting adequate desi ghee.Stir it in between till it gets thicken. Just cut the paneer in the size of appox 1 inch and add it to Palak.Just give a try and you would find it awesome and different in taste.


Take 2kg boiled milk, put it on flame till it boilsand add 1 big bowl of curd in the boiling milk and leave it for approxx five minues. Once the milk starts to curdle remove it immediately and strain the milk. Put it in a sieve and pour cold water on it. When it gets drained(completely) then put it in the muslin cloth and keep it in the fridge for two three hours.Your homemade paneer is ready. When it becomes hard just cut it into one inches pieces.

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