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Three-Days jazz blitz - by Ridhi Chhabra






Ridhi Chhabra-fnbworld  By Ridhi Chhabra/fnbworld bureau


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Jazz aficionados could not have asked for a better treat than the three-days consecutive Jazz festival at the Siri Fort auditorium, New Delhi from the 31st of October. Jazz is not my favorite music genre but being at a loose end I accompanied my dad to savor an evening of very fine music with 8 international bands from countries such as Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Poland, USA, Germany and India.



The band from Spain- Diego Amador Trio comprised Diego Amador (piano), Jesus Garrido-Toro (bass), Jorge Reyes-Oliva (cajón), Diego Amador Blanco (drums). The pianist Deigo Amador gave a spellbinding performance and uniquely tapped on  the bare piano chords with the drumsticks.


Deborah J Carter Quartet from The Netherlands included Deborah J Carter (vocalist), Leo Bouwmeester (piano), Mark Zandveld-(bass), Gunnar Graafmans (drums). Deborah Carter has been performing at various places, the world over and she did a jazz version of a famous Beatles song.


The band from USA: David Hazeltine Trio gave the perfect feel of an original jazz sound with David Hazeltine on the piano, David Williams (bass), Joe Farnsworth (drums).


Some of the other bands included Francesco Cafiso Duo (Italy): Francesco Cafiso (saxophone), Mauro Schiavone (piano), Helge Lien and Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer (Norway): Helge Lien (piano), Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer (vocals), Arne Jansen Trio (Germany): Arne Jansen (guitar), Andreas Edelmann (bass), Eric Schaefer (drums), Steve Davis Quartet (USA): Steve Davis (trombone), Nat Reeves (bass), Jason Tiemann(drums), Anthony Wonsey(piano), High Definition Quartet (Poland): Mateusz Sliwa (saxophone), Piotr Orzechowski (piano), Alan Wykpisz (bass), Dawid Fortuna (drums), The Goa Collective (India): Elvis Lobo (guitar), Arjun Sen (guitar), Shayne Ballantyne (guitar), Llewellyn “Lew” Hilt (bass), Bosco D’souza (drums).


The event was organised by World Trade association Noida, Virdian, Capital Jazz in association with VH1.The helpdesk was managed by Ms. Astri Ghosh, festival co-ordinator and Ms. Ruchika Sud, Sr. manager- marketing.


Even though there were not very big names in jazz for the estival this time, says my father who has been covering the jazz yatra (as it was known earlier), I hope next year we will be able to hear some more popular musicians.

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