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Tibet Revisited By Deepika Chhabra


Secret eyes on Tibet

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Paperback/Deepika Chhabra



A Tibetan woman

Their daily survival comprises a diet of five eggs, five cups of plain tea, a pound of corn-flour, half a pound of rice and a quarter lean meat.


They are forbidden to take much salt or eat onions, garlic, red pepper, butter or milk. At midnight they are allowed to sleep in a sitting posture for three-hours and are woken up by the keeper of the stage-house.


The autobiographical novel A Journey to Lhasa and Central Tibet written by Sarat Chandra Das, published by Rupa and Co., and edited by W.W Rockhill, details the customs, culture and beliefs of the Tibetan people.


The book is replete with the graphic descriptions of the vegetation, religion and the architecture of the area, where the author has traveled and worked as a spy for the government of British India. A fact that was kept under wraps when the book was first published! If you are looking at getting an insight into the various facets of Tibet and its multifaceted people, this book will do justice to your reading appetite. Worth making an effort to your nearest well-stocked library.

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