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VIEWS: Designate PM - Experts views on Modi wave





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Mandate 2014 is the reflection of people's strong urge to have a stable, corruption-free govt that can deliver to their expectations. UPA misrule greatly contributed to BJP sweeping the polls. One hopes Narendra Modi as PM will fulfill the voter aspirations. This BJP win is also a slap on pseudo secularists who always keep their levers active to exploit the communal divide, not knowing Hindus and Muslims have an indivisible fate here. They will co-exist at all times in the future. Nation also gets a respite from coalition tie-ups that breed corruption and arrogance! 

- Satya Pal Singh

We respect democracy and the voice of the people. We accept the results with grace and with optimism even. We will have to find out how we can tell the new government of our problems and our fears, and our expectations of a strong secularism, and hold it accountable for its misdeeds whenever it falters in giving us our security and our freedom of faith.

– Dr. John Dayal



Opinion on Modi victory-fnbworld


The Congress led UPA created the space for a complete take over by any political party or leader that seemed best set to lead the country. Ten years of Congress misrule, with the party becoming totally non-responsive to the people and their aspirations, turned into a strong wave against the party that its leadership did not even have the acumen to realise. Modi positioned himself through an aggressive publicity blitz and corporate support as the person best poised to replace the Congress, and the people voted for him as all apathetic, arrogant, and status quoist parties were shown the door.

- Seema Mustafa

The landslide victory by BJP is surely a sign of change. People from all walks of life including the rural folks took part in this historic change for the simple reason that they were tired of one family ruling the country and their scams.

- Bijaya Jena

The sheer futility of analyzing mass hysteria notwithstanding, it can be safely said that Democratic India has been steamrolled into submission by the cult around an individual. To the extent that one can comprehend, a whole set of negatives in the Congress-UPA arsenal have been systematically laid bare. The mandate is against the Congress, but not necessarily for the saffron brigade. Also, we have to factor-in the dexterity behind polarizing the vote to achieve the kind of result that has been thrown up. The idea of India is under the radar... and we shall do well to prevent its dilution. 

- Pradyot Lal

India's clearest and most decisive political verdict since 1980, not considering the emotional verdict of 1984. Modi should not waste this truly unique opportunity to reshape India's politics and drive India's take-off. Congratulations for a brilliant campaign and a great win. Many BJP insiders confess they never dreamt of an absolute majority in their lifetimes. Well, Modi's given it to them now.

 – Vishal Thapar

Those blinded by their hatred of Modi must reformat their minds and give him a chance. And the Congress must repair its disconnect with the people, and try to make the party a people's institution. This can happen only if they start thinking beyond the dynasty, which is clearly failing the party again and again. And most importantly, the Congress must have its own agenda, and not be prisoner to outdated Left ideas. It's a huge misnomer that you can be pro-common man only with Left methodology. The Left has brought grief to most places where it's taken root. India has voted and thrown out the Congress. But why only Congress? What about Mayavati? The DMK? The Left? The fact is that BJP election campaign led by Modi has been able to to create a highly positive image in the minds of most voters. Also, lets be clear, this sort of verdict opens a totally new perspective of India's further growth. Relevant also to note is that this is also the impact of youth in election who were swayed by more clear issues of jobs, poverty, corruption and so on, not the issues of secularism, religion, caste etc. This vote is both an opportunity and a danger. In any case, the next few days will show what soret of a government we will havew to contend with.

– Sadhan Mukherjee

I want the stalled growth to start because the last three to four years of the UPA have been wasted years. The Congress must say goodbye to dynastic politics. Mammohan Singh should have resigned three years ago. I wonder why he accepted to work with his hands tied. I am afraid they may bring in Priyanka now...the same dynasty.

– Gurmukh Singh (from Toronto).

This election is a landmark. There was a vacuum of leadership for this giant nation. Mr Narendra Modi has a personal charisma and clear cut goals, especially for development. One more heartening aspect is abolition of concept of vote banks based on religions, regions, castes and clans.

- Dr. Ramawatar Sharma (from Jaipur).

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