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Yum Phak Boong Grop Avacado

Recipe by Chef Joy from Thailand


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Appetizer: Yum Phak Boong Grop Avacado


Yum Phak Boong Grop Avacado

Preparation time: 10 mins

Cooking time: 5 mins 

Ingredients for one portion

Morning glory 150g

Tempura flour 100g 

Water 50g

Refined oil 50g

Roasted cashew nut 20g 

Dry red chilli 5g

Tamarind 50g

Palm sugar 10g

Thai chilli paste 10g

Light soya sauce 20g


• Take a sauce pan and add tamarind paste, palm sugar, salt, Thai chilli paste and water. Simmer for 10 min and set aside 

• Take morning glory, clean properly and set aside

• Take dry red chilli, cut it in small dices, deep fry for 10 sec. Strain it and set aside 

• Take tempura flour and mix it with cold water to make a batter and set aside 

• Take a pan with oil and heat at over 75%c. Dip the morning glory in the tempura batter. Deep fry for 2 min. Strain and set it on a plate. Top up with step 1. Garnish with dry red chilli and roasted cashew nuts. Serve hot.

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